Orthodontic Treatment

When should I bring my child for the first orthodontic check up?

Permanent teeth start erupting from an average age of 6 years and gets completed by 12 years. So every tooth has a specific time to erupt in the cavity. So it is necessary the first check for an orthodontic treatment be done at 7 years of age. On examining the child, any treatment might not be necessary at that time. But periodic check ups every year can prevent any deformity happening later. 

Are braces the first line of treatment for every patient?

Braces are placed on teeth for a patient who’s has malaligned teeth. Many patients are unaware that before braces treatment, the name of the specialization of the doctor is `orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics `. Although the term orthodontics is understood by most people , dentofacial orthopedics is somethong unheard of.  

What is dentofacial orthopedics?

Children with skeletal discrepancies can have a much better resolution of their problems by starting early. Dentofacial orthopedics involves the guidance of facial growth and development, which occurs largely during childhood. There are some corrections which if done at a young age of kids which are of immense help by simplifying the later treatment with braces.

How fast is a braces treatment?

This question is too complex to answer. But the duration is dependant on the complexity of the problem. Simple cases can be done in few months and complex cases might take 3-4 years to complete.

What are the types of braces treatment options?

To simplify this answer, it is said that all vehicles can take you to the destination, it is the patient chooses whether he wants to go to the destination by walking, or by bus, or by car. Let’s understand all the different types of braces available –

Metal braces – Most commonly done by teens. The only drawback is that the metallic braces are visible.

Clear aligners – These are acrylic sheets that the patient has to wear the entire day. Though they are removable in nature, they have to be worn the entire day for them to be effective.

To summarise, there is no “best option” while performing the orthodontic treatment. All options are good if done in the right way.

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What benefits do I have with Aligners when compared to braces?

The main advantage of aligners is that they are the most esthetic and comfortable option for treating malocclusions.

Once you have placed braces on teeth, the patient has to visit every month to reactivate the force on the braces. Also there are many catchy areas where food gets stuck which is not cleaned can lead to cavities. Since the braces are glued to teeth, the patient has a restriction of eating hard. 

On the contrary, aligners are removable acrylic sheets that are designed to perform orthodontic treatment. Every 14 days there is a new aligner that the patient has to wear. Since it is removable, the patient has the liberty of eating any hard food by just removing the aligner temporarily. Also while toothbrushing since the aligners are out, the patient can maintain his oral hygiene more effectively.


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