Invisible Braces

What benefits do I have with Aligners when compared to braces?

The main advantage of aligners is that they are the most esthetic and comfortable option for treating malocclusions.

Once you have placed braces on teeth, the patient has to visit every month to reactivate the force on the braces. Also, there are many catchy areas where food gets stuck which are not cleaned can lead to cavities. Since the braces are glued to teeth, the patient has a restriction of eating hard.

On the contrary, aligners are removable acrylic sheets that are designed to perform orthodontic treatment. Every 14 days there is a new aligner that the patient has to wear. Since it is removable, the patient has the liberty of eating any hard food by just removing the aligner temporarily. Also while toothbrushing since the aligners is out, the patient can maintain his oral hygiene more effectively.



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