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Our goal has always been to do good quality treatment etchically and responsibly. All the dental treatments at our clinic are performed by specialists who have a Masters degree (MDS). 

We work by appointments only. This helps us to set aside time exclusively for your treatment. It also helps us in minimising your time in the waiting room.

For working professionals like you, an early morning appointment is convenient before the traffic hours and hectic work schedules starts. So we start work at both clinics before 8.30 am. So you can check in early, do your treatment and then join office in time.

For home makers, students and others our afternoon session starts from 3pm and lasts till 7 pm.

Dr. Niranjan Vatkar has completed his Masters degree in 2010. He specializes in root canal treatment, tooth coloured fillings and placing ceramic cap procedures. 

He is an expert in dealing all complex cases with ease. His expertise has benefited thousands of patients that he has treated. 

Dr. Niranjan is well known among dentists and specialists for his meticulous  protocols and aesthetic documentation of cases.  His workshops attract a number of general dentists and specialists who come from all over india to learn the intricacies of his craft. Yes, not just work but his craft as he is extremely passionate about the work he does.  As a result , most of his patients are dentists themselves.   Doctors too know they are in safe hands with him.

Dr. Renu Vatkar has completed her Masters degree in 2011. 

She specializes in orthodontic retreatment, temporary anchorage devices and myofunctional  treatment.  

Thorough treatment planning of every patient is done with the aid of photographs and xrays at the beginning, during and after treatment. 

Dr. Renu is also a certified practitioner for Invisalign that uses clear aligners for treating malaligned teeth.

She is an avid reader with interests in finance, administration and self improvement.


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